Mikathebest323 @ EosCraft
that villager skin used to be my old skin. lol

Item and Build Transfer Deadline

EmiHD posted Tue at 11:34  -  announcementinfonews

lspmonny Is Wenger a vampire now?

Top Voters July

Wenger posted Aug 2, 17

Noby_Diver S-Admin Congratulations to the Top Voters of the month! Congratz Hunny, Zek and Gold. :thumb:

Noby_Diver S-Admin Happy, happy birthday EosCraft ! :thumb: 7 years already and I am proud to be part of this wonderful community for alrea...
PinkLadyofSA A heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS!! You have done a fantastic job with this server and I wish you very many blessings for yo...
Kara Congratulations!

Staff Recruitment

EmiHD posted Jul 27, 17  -  announcementCommunityinforecruiting

Staff Application

Drazen well, I meet the first requirement..
Tubnug I'm like 92836488229 years old. Time to apply!
GussyS Add me to the poster you'll get more apps