May Top Voters

Wenger S-Admin posted Jun 3, 17  -  VOTERS

Artur68 Thank you guys!
TheWierdOne why was the monthly draw removed?
Noby_Diver S-Admin
Noby_Diver @ EosCraft
Congratulation Artur and Jay :thumb: Well done!

New Mob Arena


CinnamonToastMC Is there any way to see what waves give what rewards?
HappiPie Is there any way I could try and make one, for a separate arena? :p
CinnamonToastMC I Love the New arena more running space, and i love the redstone blocks indicating the mob spawns~!

New Jobs Plugin!

Wenger S-Admin posted May 26, 17  -  ANNOUNCEMENT

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Dreysden I love the /jobs. If I hit a creative wall, or just need to take a break from building it gives me something to do. This...
TravIt am i the only one who thinks of the cool whip seen from family guy when __Nathan_ said that!
___Nathan__ "In some extreme cases everyone's job levels could be whiped" Like whip cream :d I think you mean...

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Noby_Diver S-Admin
Noby_Diver @ EosCraft
Good luck to everyone :cool: I will dive through all contest entries when I'm back and the first 3 winners will get...

April Top Voters

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TheWierdOne Why are there going to be random draw winners. that's pretty much the only way I get store credit as my weekly rout...
PrettyBlueDemon what are the random draw winners? aevion said he's not heard anything we were wondering what it was lol
DarthRexford Also, Sec's potential spawn is looking awesome !