Global Ban Purge

rtcabooservb S-Admin posted Sat at 2:01

Wenger Hope to see some old friends, and that there are no hard feelings. Welcome back!

October Top Voters

Angeleea Admin posted Nov 2, 17  -  announcementCommunityinfonewsvoters

Noby_Diver S-Admin Congratulations to all October Top Voters :thumb: :cool:

Halloween Sale!

HeroBot posted Oct 27, 17  -  sale

EosCraft Halloween Events!

Angeleea Admin posted Oct 22, 17  -  announcementcelebrationCommunityeventinfonewsSocial

Scary Building Contest Info

Pumpkin Carving Contest Info

Trick-Or-Treat Info

Halloween Maze Info

xThunderCookie (and your building contest)
xThunderCookie Noby i loved your pumpkin map <3
Noby_Diver S-Admin Good luck everyone! :cool:

Warp Goodluck

Angeleea Admin posted Oct 9, 17  -  announcementCommunityeventinfonewsSocial

-More Information-