EosCraft Pet System
Brief info:
What is the pet system?
The pet system allows players to own their own pet on the server that follows them around. The pets also allow the player to ride them, rename them, and use the pet as a hat.
What can the pets do?
Pets are able to be ridden.
Pets are able to be worn as a hat.
Pets are able to be re-named.
Pets follow the owner.
Pets are able to be sent away or called.
Pets vanish when you do.
Pets are able to be customized via subtypes. (Pink baby sheep for example.)

Pet Types and Skills:

Passive Mobs:
Bat - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian.
Chicken - Baby. - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian & [Rank] Supporter.
Cow - Baby. - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian & [Rank] Executive.
Horse - Chested, Saddle, Armour, Donkey, Mule, Skeleton, Zombie, Various Colours, Various Markings. - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian.
MushroomCow - Baby. - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian.
Ocelots - Baby, Black, Red, Siamese, Wild. - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian & [Rank] Executive.
Pig - Baby, Saddle. - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian & [Rank] Supporter.
Rabbit - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian.
Sheep - Baby, Sheared, Various Colours. - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian & [Rank] CEO.
Squid - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian & [Rank] Elite.
Villager - Baby, Blacksmith, Butcher, Farmer, Liberian, Priest. - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian & [Rank] CEO.

Neutral Mobs:
Enderman - Screaming. - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian.
IronGolem - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian.
PigZombie - Baby, Villager. - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian.
Polar Bear - Baby, Standing. - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian.
Snowman - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian.
Wolf - Baby, Various Collar Colours. - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian & [Rank] Elite.

Hostile Mobs:
Blaze - Fire. - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian.
Cave Spider - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian.
Creeper - Powered. - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian & [Rank] Elite.
Endermite - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian.
Guardian - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian.
MagmaCube - Small, Medium, Large. - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian.
Silverfish - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian.
Skeleton - Wither. - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian & [Rank] CEO.
Slime - Small, Medium, Large. - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian.
Spider - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian & [Rank] Executive.
Witch - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian.
Zombie - Baby, Villager. - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian & [Rank] CEO.
Ride Pets - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian & [Rank] Executive.
Pet Hat - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian & [Rank] CEO.
Name Pets - Unlocks at [Subscription] Elysian & [Rank] Supporter.

Command: /pet <pet type>
Example: /pet chicken
Info: Summons a pet.
Command: /pet remove
Info: Sacrifices your current pet to the blood gods.
Command: /pet list
Info: Lists what pets and subtypes you can summon.
Command: /pet info
Info: Tells you info about your current pet.
Command: /pet ride
Info: Ride your current pet. (Can be used from menu.)
Command: /pet hat
Info: Put your pet on your head. (Can be used from menu.)
Command: /pet menu
Info: Opens up the pet menu. (You can right click your pet to open this as well.)
Command: /pet show
Info: Shows your pet after putting it into hiding.
Command: /pet hide
Info: Hides your pet.
Command: /pet call
Info: Summons your current pet to you.
Command: /pet name
Example: /pet name Wenger Jr.
Info: Rename your pet, 32 character limit.