Staff Guidelines and Application

If you are applying for staff, it is heavily recommended you click here and read all of the information provided.

What is a staff member?

A staff member is someone who devotes their time to the server. They make sure everything runs smoothly and handle player issues such as theft or griefing. Staff ranks should be viewed as a job. You will be forfeiting build time and free time to have fun in the community.

What benefits will I earn through the staff ranks?

Absolutely none. Members should not be applying for staff for the sole purpose of extra benefits or features. Abusing any commands granted with your rank will result in a demotion and could escalate to further disciplinary actions.

What rules do I have to follow as a staff member?

All staff must follow the listed server rules as any other player would. No exceptions are given.

How can I apply for Staff?

To apply for staff, you must be active in the EosCraft community for at least a month and meet the requirements listed below.

Suggestions before applying:

1) Be well known in the community and to the staff team.
This does not mean spam thread posts or in-game chat. Be yourself, engage in the community, join us on discord, and be helpful. Try to get yourself well known in your own creative way and prove to the EosCraft staff that you can handle the responsibility.

2) Be mature, act mature. Act like an adult. Don't yell and scream at others. Don't use language that is not appropriate. Spell correctly and use proper English. There are high standards and expectations in becoming a staff member. We expect you to be kind, helpful, mature, professional, welcoming, and friendly at all times.

3) Do not nag about your application. Be patient. Nagging about your application will only hinder the process. You will hear from a staff member if the application is accepted, denied, or requires additional information.

4) Fill out your application correctly, honestly, and with details. We expect you to show effort put into your application instead of writing one sentence answers. This shows you truly care to become a staff member. Being honest is a key factor in being a staff member. If you are caught lying, you will be permanently marked to never become a staff member.

5) Multi-managing servers is not good. If you are an admin on 3 servers, you do not need to be admin on a fourth. Your time is not dedicated to EosCraft, meaning you are not reliable. We expect you to devote your time only to EosCraft if you plan on becoming a staff member. Saying you are "good" is not good enough. Explain how you are good, what you are good at, why you are good, explain and elaborate.

6) Being staff on EosCraft is a job, it is not for fun. If you join the EosCraft staff, it is with the understanding that you are devoting your MC time to EosCraft and EosCraft only. You may not play on other minecraft servers during the duration of your position as staff.

7) Don't expect payments. Being a staff member is not a paying job. You volunteer to help the community, so don't expect payment.

8) Be active! As a staff member, we expect you to show that you are active in-game and on our website. We are not looking to promote players who are inactive or unable to fulfill staff duties for a certain amount of time daily. Being active on discord to communicate with other staff members is also required. If you are not familiar with our discord server or what discord is, click here.


Q= When will my application be reviewed?
Staff Applications are reviewed daily in demand with all other applications. Please give up to 1 week before asking about your application.

Q= Can I apply with another player?
A= No. Your staff application is for you and you only.

Q= My application got rejected, can I still apply again?
A= Yes, you can apply again. You are allowed to apply with one application every month, unless explicitly told not to.

Q= Why was my Staff Application rejected?
A= There can be many reasons. Normally, the people who check them will place the reason.

Q= Can I transfer my Staff rank to another player?
A= No, your Staff rank is your own personal rank.

Q= How can I know if my Staff Application got accepted?
A= You will get an answer in your application informing you that your application was accepted.