Apply for Builder
What is a Builder?

A builder is a player who has stood out for their dedication to the server and their efforts are reflected by the creations they've made in EosCraft. It usually takes a few weeks to complete the creations that are worthy of high end builder ranks.

What rules do I have to follow as Builder?

All builders must follow the server rules as any other player, without any exceptions. Donor specific command rules apply to builder ranks as well.

How can I apply for Builder?

To apply you must have created one or more buildings in EosCraft. We recommend you read the following suggestions below for they can be useful.

Suggestions before applying:

  • Apply with a building that takes you multiple hours if not several days or weeks to complete.
  • Try to create something original that no one has done before.
  • Never apply with a building that is not completely finished.
  • Never try to apply with a building made on another server as it is necessary to be able to physically see the structure.
  • Never apply with the same build slightly modified for a higher builder rank. Each rank should be a new project.
  • Take some screenshots of your creations in different angles (You will need this to apply).

Please apply in the correct order of ranks. You can't skip immediately to planner. We prefer all players apply for all ranks in order, no matter how amazing the build is.


Q= When will my application be reviewed?
Applications are reviewed every day by all Senior-Moderators and up. It typically takes 72-96 hours for your application to be properly reviewed.

Q= Can I apply with another player?
A= For Builder and Planner ranks, no. For Foreman and Architect, yes you may make an application with another player. But if you do so, the project must reflect the work of multiple players and show twice the quality of a build normally accepted for that rank by a single person. Both players must also have the corresponding previous rank before applying for the next step up and have an equal amount of work put in the project - not one person doing all the work. Both players are required to submit an application for log consistency!

Q= My application got rejected, can I still apply again?
A= Yes, you can apply again. You are allowed to apply with one application every week.

Q= Why was my Builder Application rejected?
A= There can be many reasons. Normally, the people who check them will place the reason and provide helpful information how you can improve the build.

Q= Can I transfer my Builder rank to another player?
A= No, your rank is your own personal rank.

Q= How can I get the necessary material to create my building?
A= As you know, EosCraft is a Survival server. You need to get your own material by either gathering the resources legitimately or by
buying them through shops.

Q= How can I know if my Builder Application got accepted?
A= You will get an answer in your application informing you your application was accepted.