Point Accumulation

A new points based reward system has been implemented. Based on reaching certain milestones and completing daily tasks, you will acquire points that can be redeemed for rewards. All milestones can only be achieved once, including the birthday gift. If you have previously met the conditions for a milestone (excluding birthday), points will automatically be credited to your account.

If you are found abusing or exploiting the system in any way, staff reserve the right to revoke points and completely reset your point total. Forum rules can be found here. Point removal may also serve as a punishment for in-game rule breaking. Spamming the forums with useless, meaningless comments/posts and threads will subject you to a points wipe. Quality over quantity.

Daily Achievements
Voting - 4 points per vote, up to 20 points a day.
Every tenth forum post. - 10 points

Voting Milestones
60 Votes a month - Crate key package
120 Votes a month - 1000 points

Account Milestones
Register on the website. - 75 points
Add your minecraft character to your account. - 100 points
Birthday gift. - 100 points

Forum Topic Milestones
Start 5 forum threads. - 5 points
Start 10 forum threads. - 10 points
Start 25 forum threads. - 25 points
Start 50 forum threads. - 50 points
Start 100 forum threads. - 100 points
Start 250 forum threads. - 250 points

Posting Milestones
Post 10 times on the forums. - 10 points
Post 25 times on the forums. - 25 points
Post 50 times on the forums. - 50 points
Post 100 times on the forums. - 100 points
Post 200 times on the forums. - 200 points
Post 300 times on the forums. - 300 points
Post 400 times on the forums. - 400 points
Post 500 times on the forums. - 500 points
Post 750 times on the forums. - 750 points
Post 1,000 times on the forums. - 1,000 points

Membership Milestones
Member for 1 month. - 100 points
Member for 3 months. - 300 points
Member for 6 months. - 500 points
Member for 1 year. - 1000 points
Member for 2 years. - 2000 points
Member for 3 years. - 3000 points

Monthly Top Voters

Beginning August 1st 2013, monthly top voters will receive the following incentives.

First Place - Special Ingame Tag
Second Place - Special Ingame Tag
Third Place - Special Ingame Tag
Everyone - 10 EosBucks per vote, up to 50 EosBucks a day.

Additional notes:

Removed as of May 2017 and replaced with a voter crate key reward.

The top monthly voters are decided by the players with the highest number of votes that month. In the event of a tie, top players will be drawn at random for fairness. http://www.random.org/lists/

Should you stop voting if you fall behind a day? Absolutely not! You do not know what the future may entail. The top voters may miss a day later in the month. You must also consider that you still receive EosBucks and website points per vote.