By registering an account on and logging in to our server, you acknowledge that you have fully read and understood the rules and agree to follow them. Breaking these rules will result in a punishment determined appropriate by staff, which may be as severe as a permanent ban for your account and/or IP address.

General Rules

  1. Be considerate to other players.

    • Ask before entering someone's area; leave if told to.
    • Do not argue, troll, bully, or harass players, especially for reasons based on race, religion, gender, ethnicity, or various other types of discrimination.
    • Do not stalk players virtually, physically, or use any methods of gathering personal information.
  2. Be respectful to staff.

    • Use the available methods (petitions, forums, site messages, in-game /helpop) to request help.
    • Do not demand/beg for staff to do things for you.
    • Do not ask for ranks or OP.
    • Do not interfere with staff duties.
    • Do not police the server or its players. Staff members are the only ones who should be moderating.
    • Do not impersonate staff in name or text.
  3. Use chat appropriately.

    • Use regular case or title case, not all capitals.
    • Refrain from explicit language and "1337 sp34k".
    • Use /msg for private conversations.
    • No spamming of any kind.
    • Do not beg for in-game currency or ask someone to donate for you.
    • Only speak in English in all publicly visible places on the server.
    • Keep in-game global chat appropriate and family-friendly. Make use of the private messaging system or utilize our private channels on Discord if you wish to discuss inappropriate topics and/or context.
    • Absolutely no advertising of other servers - in-game public chat, privately, or on Discord.
  4. Follow building guidelines.

    • Do not make one-block wide towers or holes.
    • Do not make regular or massive holes straight down to bedrock.
    • Do not build right next to spawn without permission.
    • Do not build floating letters or text on the ground.
    • Do not build close to someone else's construction unless you have their approval.
    • Do not 'land grief/butcher' terrain. Destroying large sections of terrain that you will never use to boost up mcmmo stats will result in your stats being reset and you being rolledback, with the possibility of a ban. Keep the world pretty!
    • You may not claim chunks of land for personal or town use. All land must be shared between all players. Large projects should begin the outline as soon as possible so players are aware of the size of the project.
  5. Do not use hacks, cheats, or exploit glitches, including (but not limited to):

    • Any method of duplication.
    • Use of "x-ray" mods/texture packs.
    • Flying without permission.
    • Speed hacks.
    • Exploiting game / server glitches or bugs.
    • Using a cheat client.
    • Using any scripts which allow for cheating.
    • Accepting inappropriately obtained items.
  6. We do not tolerate any form of drama on the server. Do not start it or bring it into the community.

Account Rules

  1. It is your job to keep your account secure.
  2. Anything done on your account, regardless of who is/was playing, you are responsible.
  3. Refrain from having an explicit user skin.
  4. If you have an inappropriate in-game name, you will be banned.
  5. You are only allowed to play on one account on EosCraft. Seek approval from the administrative staff team if you wish to use alternate accounts. Exception to this rule is if multiple residents in the same household play on the server. Ban evading will result in permanent removal from the server.

Donor Rules

  1. Donors are expected to follow all listed rules as well, no exceptions are given.
  2. Donors may not abuse the market or give out spawned items.
  3. Donors may not fly or have godmode enabled in any arena or pvp zone.
  4. Donors may not disguise or have pets in any arena or pvp zone.
  5. Donors may not impersonate staff names or staff colors with their nickname.
  6. Donor privileges may be adjusted at any given time in the future. You will not be compensated those benefits if they are changed.
  7. Payments made to EosCraft are non-refundable.
  8. You may not transfer donor ranks between players or alternate accounts.
  9. Donor benefits and features are bound to your specified account only. It is strictly prohibited to use your benefits on or for others.

Secondary Rules

Griefing - An act of destruction to the work of another player, whether it is taking or placing materials.
Creating a player death trap is also considered griefing.
  • Any acts of griefing or thievery is not allowed and will not be tolerated.
  • Chest shops may only be created by donors and players who have achieved the rank of builder. You may not create shops for anyone but yourself.
  • Automatic mob farms must have a shutdown and item disposal to avoid mob and item accumulation. Farms without such will be removed.
  • You may not idle at mob spawners or own a passive mob spawner (cows, sheep, pigs, chicken, etc).
  • Mob spawners must have a sign on the spawner stating it is claimed.
  • All farms must have a limit of 10 mobs per mob type with the exception of sheep (10 of each colour) and fish (10 of each kind). Any additional count will terminate your farm from being active and you may be subjected to a ban. If you are actively breeding for material, you may breed up to 50 mobs at a time before lowering the count back to 10. Breeding more than 50 mobs at a time is subjected to a perma-ban. You may not disconnect or leave the area if there are more than 10 mobs at that farm. Enforcement exists to avoid performance impact due to natural entity lag.
  • Underwater soul sand farms with bubbles are not allowed due to the client lag they cause.
  • You may not have constantly running redstone clocks or contraptions. If a redstone contraption actively running 24/7 is found, it and possibly you (if done with ill intent) will immediately be removed from the server. Any build or contraption that causes client or server lag is not allowed.
  • Chunk loaders are not allowed and are considered a constantly running contraption.
  • Builder applications will not be accepted if the project owner used spawned items.
  • Privatizing doors, chests, or any item you do not own, will get you banned.
  • Keep nether portals to a size of 20x20 or less with maximum of 1 in an area. If the portals are seen to be an eye sore, you will be required to cover or remove them.
  • Please replant at various public farms for them to continue to be used and breed a replacement for any animals killed at an animal farms!
  • Players may not build above the nether or break bedrock.
  • Creating a build for the server to use (spawn, arenas, etc.) resigns all rights to the ownership of the build to the server. It becomes a server build operated and maintained by the staff administrative team.

Discord Voice Chat Rules

  1. Try to be in the correct channel for what you wish to converse about.
  2. Do not be a nuisance to other users.
  3. Do not come on just to demand staff do things for you.
  4. Refrain from explicit language.
  5. Push to talk is required to have enabled. No open mic!

Forum Rules

Only One Account:

You're only allowed to have one account per IP on our forums unless you reside with a household of family or friends who also own a Minecraft account and wish to play on EosCraft.

Illegal Material

The uploading of any illegal material to this site is forbidden. Posting is a form of uploading. Linking to pages that provide illegal material from this site is also forbidden. The list of illegal material includes, but is not limited to, pornography, psychoactive drugs, bootleg software, software designed to circumvent legal restrictions, and any material that such a program would produce.

Private Messages:

Any message that is intended to be visible to only the sender and recipient is considered private. If you feel that a private message sent to you is offensive in any manner, report it to a member of the staff. Private messages will not be moderated unless reported. When you report a private message, include details: quoted text, screenshots, or forwarded messages.


You are only allowed to use English in any publicly visible context of this site.

Discriminatory Messages:

Even though race and other personal details can be masked in this environment, do not post racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory messages.


This isn't that type of site. Don't talk about sexually orientated or any other obscene subject.


Deliberately hostile or insulting messages are not allowed. Messages meant to generate an inflammatory response from another user will be considered Trolling.


Uploading irrelevant or meaningless material is not allowed.


Offering or soliciting virtual or physical items for sale or in trade (including asking for funding) outside of EosCraft affiliated merchandise is not permitted.


You are only allowed to bump a thread every 48 hours. If you post more than two times in a row, you may be infracted. Use the edit button instead.


Do not make two or more posts or threads about the same subject unless the old thread has gone cold.


Do not revive a thread (post in a thread) that's over a week old unless you're the original poster.

Player-Specific Threads:

Do not post a thread directly targeted to one player. This is what private messages and walls are for.


If you are going to reply to a thread, make sure it's in response to the original post and not someone else's post. In addition, please post in the correct sub-forum categories pertaining to those topics.


  1. Content. Signatures are great, but don't advertise something not relating to EosCraft. We don't care if you like ponies or want us to vote for your website.
  2. Size. Don't make a signature that takes more than 6 rows of standard text. This is to reduce the amount of text people have to scroll through.

Any member who does not follow said rules will be forcefully removed from the site and server.
These rules are subject to change without any notice.