Survival - Ban Appeal Application
You can't submit the form.


Q= Why can't I submit an appeal?
You must be logged into your own account on our website and be registered/linked to our community website, If you are still unable to submit an appeal, then you have already had an appeal accepted. You may only appeal successfully one time per server.

Q= When will my appeal be reviewed?
Ban appeal applications are reviewed every day and can take up to 72-96 hours for a final decision. All staff members review the application as a whole before any decision is made. Depending if information is needed or pending, it can take up to and possibly longer than a week.

Q= Can I apply for someone else or with another player?
A= No. Your appeal is for you and you only. If your friend or the other player wishes to be unbanned, then he must submit his own appeal on his own account.

Q= My appeal got rejected, can I appeal again?
A= No. The staff team will specify why your appeal had been denied. If you were denied, within good reason, we do not want you to be a part of our humble community.

Q= What happens if I get banned again? Can I appeal for a second or third time?
A= No. If you decided to break another rule after been given a second chance, we do not want you a part of the EosCraft community. If there has been a misunderstanding, you may contact any member a part of the upper staff management team. However, we hold no guarantee in responding to unban requests.

Q= What happens when I am unbanned? Do I get all my stuff back?
A= No. As punishment for griefing and/or stealing, you are globally rolled back your entire existence on the server. If you are unbanned, you are given a second chance to redeem yourself in the community, starting over again from scratch. Your changes will not be redone and the rollback will not be undone.