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Pixelmon Academy now open!

Knaxia P-Admin posted Sun at 13:34
Habo5 Fantastic! Glad it's finally open - this looks great!
WingedGolem P-Mod You did an amazing job Knax, nice work.
Lunaran36 Looks cool! good job <3 ...

We have new arenas!

Funerrz Journalist posted Oct 15, 14
HunterAaron I think it was rusther,kenny and me who fought in your arena. It's great ...
PyramidEmpress @ EosCraft Survival
Sweet. I'm looking forward to hearing who where among the first who played in my arena. ...
lspmonny Mod
lspmonny @ EosCraft Survival

We have a new admin shop!

Funerrz Journalist posted Oct 11, 14
Aum2000 S-Mod
Aum2000 @ EosCraft Survival
Thanks guys, I'll be sure to make another one 10x bigger ...
Noby_Diver S-AdminP-Admin I can only second the former comments! Great work Aum ...
wenger21gmail Admin Yes, great work Aum!
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Monthly Goal

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Link to my town :) if you want to join tell me on this thread: [link]
Hai AJ! <3 Loving your town
I am in need of CYAN DYE if anybody has it available!! (Or cyan-stained clay!)
Many Enchanded Books & Pickaxes in the New Enchanted Section!
"Murica anyone?
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