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Spring Sale - 30% Off

Foxerrz Journalist posted Fri at 8:34

Moderator Promotion - DapieLord

Foxerrz Journalist posted Mar 11, 15

mrawesomegames Congrats dude
Dapielord Mod Thanks all XD on a side note why was Lord capitalised and Pie not XD
IndigoLaser Congrats! Also tomorrow is Pi day (3/14/15) so yeah lets have some pies : )

Member Spotlight #3 - Belnumcree

Foxerrz Journalist posted Mar 9, 15

PeekaBoo912 Awesome! <3 ...
Bassieeee S-Mod It's funny how there always seems to be this one go-to guy on the server for when you are having problems with redstone. ...
Belnumcree Mod Thank you lsp.
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if i claim an area for my next build site and someone builds there can remove it???
I hope Noby doesn't read the 3 word story.. he gets blown up.
Oh, my apologies. I misunderstood you Dwolf. I'll see what I can do.
lol ok RTC i didnt mean on the main page. I was speaking of the actual vote page
only prob i have with the right side is i gota turn my head to the right as it sits on the right monitor xD
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