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1.8 Reset Announcement

Habo5 S-AdminJournalist posted Mon at 15:00

We are all very, very excited about the Minecraft 1.8 update and all the new
blocks and features that come with it! Get your transfers ready and keep an eye out for brand new features coming to Eoscraft on the new map!

Click here to go to the build transfer thread!
Abigaaru Ooh That's what the photo of me opening my chest was for XD I thought it was for my interview bellow ...
Waggish The worst possible time to do an update #BlameWenger2014
wenger21gmail Mod
wenger21gmail @ EosCraft Survival
While it wasn't mentioned in Habo's post. I will also be helping in the transfer of builds to the next map, and porting ...

Featured member of the week #1

Funerrz Journalist posted Mon at 14:53

Dr_Derp102 Abi i already made a hide and seek arena awhile ago
jmm1018 We shall never know why the cookie is so huge. ;-;
lspmonny Mod yay Abi! nice article, Fun ...

New Mob Arena!

Habo5 S-AdminJournalist posted Fri at 11:01

engineer151 I'm going on right now!
Outlavv Has a few bugs to it, for anyone who hasn't gone in yet. Sometimes you get kicked out when you go too close to the egde ...
Holyhybrid @ EosCraft Survival
Its a nice concept but unfortunately i dont think i will be playing ma im not a fan of this map.
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I can't believe it's finally coming out!
hi outlavv i see you
Hey guys i got an account 4 enjin
if it was really wenger i would be surprised. and when did wenger got mod
Brick, I don't think that's me in the picture. You are confused, go home and get some rest. :)
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