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Subscription ranks simplified

Funerrz S-Mod
Funerrz @ EosCraft Survival
posted Sat at 13:03

agentoo7bond @ EosCraft Survival
Fun's edited one seems almost like you have a rtcabooservb perched on your shoulder.
wenger21gmail S-Admin Fun, I have a question for you, why am sitting on the ground, and why am I really tiny. I demand an explanation!

Secret Santa!

Funerrz S-Mod
Funerrz @ EosCraft Survival
posted Dec 9, 14

If you have any questions, contact Sadient or any staff member for help! 
EnzoDaBoss I love this idea! Already started compiling some stuff for my partner:)!
Noby_Diver S-AdminP-Admin I love this event - being secret santa is so cool! ...
PeekaBoo912 Sounds fun! <3 This is why I love this server! ^_^ Are there rules to the gift giving? A limit of the number of item ...

Parkour Build Contest Results!

Foxerrz Journalist posted Dec 3, 14

Find these builds at /warp parkour!
Skullcaandy Amazing Work Alex.I Was The First To Try It Out ...
maricool274 I didn't know there was a parkour making contest D: Well, congratz everyone!
Noby_Diver S-AdminP-Admin Congratulations to everyone! Very cool designs which makes it very exciting to try the parcours!
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Congratz to Deamonslayer658 This years Winner of chest 9. Wow what a chest :)
Yep. I may decide to let my current build die and start a fresh one (maybe give it away). We'll see when I get on. I'm hardcore watching Log Horizon recently, but I'll try to be on soon.
That sounded like a plan Temprus~ and it sunded like that break helped! :3 See you in game soon! :)
Yeah, minecraft was lagging badly every time I started when I last played and I was getting unhappy with my build. Had to take some time off. ^.^;
Hey Temprus, long time no see! I was actually wondering where you'd been recently. Good to hear you'll be back soon.
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